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Dr. Roffman and his team in the Brain Genomics Laboratory, based at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital, are currently exploring how variation in folate-related genes, dietary folate intake, and exposure to folic acid during neurodevelopment influence MRI-based markers of schizophrenia vulnerability.

In this 3-minute video produced for Advances In Motion – Neuroscience, Dr. Roffman describes the lab’s recent findings on effects of prenatal folic acid exposure on brain development through adolescence, and its implications for prevention and early intervention in serious mental illness.

This video portrays differences in brain cortex thickness between youths exposed to folic acid fortification and those who were not from ages 8 to 18. Warm colors represent parts of the brain that are thicker in youths who were exposed to this vitamin, and are especially pronounced in younger children. Click here to learn more about this work.

Read our latest publication in the journal JAMA Psychiatry! While you’re here,  check out our other recent publications in NutrientsScientific Reports, Molecular Psychiatry, and Science Advances!

Learn more about the new T32 Translational Neuroscience Training Program for Clinicians, co-directed by Dr. Roffman, here: http://tntc.mgh.harvard.edu/

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